That is what we know and do since ‘60s

In the caves of mythic mountain Kithairona’s were idylls of Greek Gods took place, Zeus and Semele gave birth to Dionysus-Bacchus, God of fertilized powers of Nature and especially of Vineyard and Wine.

If all that is true, the thought that good wine was born on the slopes of Kithairona’s mountain seems exact and supports our position, because there on the Northern slopes lays our winery, at the village of Erythres.

The old traditional winery of Argiris Dodos, built initially in 1969 at Diminio of Korinthos, is transferred in 1983 with dreams, hope and joy from Andreas Sokos and Gianna Dodou-Sokou at Erythres of Attica, in a modern winery for production of quality wines from grapes cultivated for years in the area.

Today, in the 21th century, our winery is among the biggest, most modern and technologically equipped in Greece. With the same love and respect to tradition, we present you our wines.